Step 1: Identify wellbeing as a focus- Completed

In this step we identified wellbeing as the focus for the SSE. As part of the process we consulted the Wellbeing Policy and Framework for Practice.

Step 2: Gather Evidence- Completed

Stage two of the school self-evaluation process is an information-gathering stage. This is where the school will consult with and collect information from key stakeholders, including staff, children and young people, and parents/carers, relating to current practice in the key areas of wellbeing promotion. It is essential to gather this information to highlight positive aspects and strengths in our practice and identify areas for development.

Step 3: Analyse and make judgements- Ongoing

The evidence collected in step 2 is analysed. Schools use the Statements of Effective Practice for each of the four key areas to make judgements on the areas that are already effective and identify those areas that need to be improved. From this process schools will be able to recognise which one of the 4 key areas of wellbeing promotion to focus their attention on.